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John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

United States Navy Lieutenant John F. Kennedy is congratulated after receiving a citation for bravery. In 1943, Kennedy rescued several crew members after a Japanese ship attacked his Navy boat.


Jacqueline Bouvier married John F. Kennedy in 1953. She was admired for her elegance and taste.


During the 1960 presidential election, Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, right, faced Republican candidate Richard Nixon in televised debates. Kennedy was widely regarded as the winner of the debates, and he won the presidency.

john inuguaration

John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, or sworn in, as president of the United States in January 1961. This sound clip is from Kennedy’s inauguration speech.


President John F. Kennedy, center, meets with members of his staff during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. The crisis arose when the Soviet Union sent nuclear missiles to Cuba.

John F. Kennedy

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