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About Beetles

About Beetles

About Beetles



This beetle is a weevil. Weevils use their long, slender snouts to feed on plants. Weevils are destructive pests that attack many farm crops, such as cotton, wheat, and rice.

beetel flight

Beetles have two sets of wings, front wings and hind wings. Beetles use only their hind wings to fly. The front wings, called elytra, cover and protect the delicate hinds wings. As a beetle prepares to fly, it opens its front wings to reveal its hind wings

june bug

June bugs, also called June beetles, appear in the United States during May and June. This striped June bug is common in California.

jewel beetel

Jewel beetles are known for their bright colors. Most are blue, black, green, or copper-colored.

ladfy bug

Ladybird beetles, also called ladybugs, are orange with black dots. Farmers prize ladybugs because they feed on aphids and other insects that damage crops.

longhorned beetel

The curved antennae, or feelers, of the longhorned beetle are sometimes longer than its entire body. Adult longhorned beetles vary greatly in color, shape, and size. The giant longhorned beetle of South America can grow to more than 7 inches (18 centimeters) in length.

stag beetels

Male stag beetles have large jaws that resemble deer antlers. They use these powerful jaws to defend their territories from rival males.

colorful leaf

The dazzling purple color of this leaf beetle helps it blend in with the brightly colored plants found in tropical rain forests. By blending in, the beetle can hide from its enemies.

ground beetel

Ground beetles spend their lives on the ground. They are swift runners able to chase down other insects to eat. They use their strong jaws to capture their prey


A caterpillar hunter beetle makes a meal out of an unlucky caterpillar. These beetles stalk their prey at night and eat mainly caterpillars and earthworms

tiger beetle

The tiger beetle lives in sandy areas in tropical parts of the world. It feeds on other insects, worms, and snails.


About Beetles

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