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About Bees


bees gathering food

Bees are insects that depend on flowers for food. They eat a powder in flowers called pollen and collect a sweet liquid called nectar.

leafcuting bee

Leafcutting bees use pieces of leaves or flower petals to make their nests.


When a bee such as this bumblebee visits a flower, tiny grains called pollen stick to the bee. The bee then carries the pollen to another flower. This process, known as pollination, is necessary for many plants to make seeds and fruit.

sweat bee

The sweat bee got its name because it is attracted to the salt in human sweat. It is one of the most common bees in North America.

bea hive

A honey bee hive is made up of networks of cells made of beeswax. These networks are also called honeycombs. The queen bee lays eggs in some of the cells. Other cells are filled with honey.

carpenter bee

Carpenter bees got their name because they tunnel through wood to make their nests. The chewing sounds these bees make can be heard several feet away!


Beekeepers wear protective clothing over their whole body to keep from being stung by the bees. Beekeepers collect honey from the hives.




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