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About bats


body of bats

Bats are the only flying mammal. A bat’s wings are supported by bones like those in your hand. Each wing has a clawed thumb that the bat uses for clinging to trees, cave walls, or buildings.

frog eating

A hungry frog-eating bat swoops down on its victim and carries it off for a meal.


Bats make high-pitched sounds while flying. They find their prey by listening to the echoes that come back to them. This behavior is known as echolocation.

vampire bat

Vampire bats live on fresh blood from other animals, usually farm animals, birds, or other small mammals. Only 3 of the more than 900 kinds of bats are true vampire bats.

roosting bats

Nearly all bats roost (rest or sleep) hanging upside down. These vampire bats are roosting in a cave.



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